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#40 - Broken Parts of a Whole

Takes place at Jungle Hollow    Arrived at Port Simcreek - deal with the halflings and explain what they are searching for - they say about the hot springs of Jungle Hollow and that there's creatures up there that might eat them so they don't go up there.   Inside jungle hollow, go exploring, very hot, hot with armour but not unmanageable. Will fight some things off and find a letter stashed in a bag abandoned inside of a tree.  'Two Parts Of A Whole' They will also find evidence of a scuffle - someone was fought here.   When they arrive towards a camp, there's the sounds of bubbling like a spring and it's very hot, almost burning hot at this point. A perfect place to breed dragons. They will hear talk up ahead and see a group of elves who are placing baskets into the water, attached by strong chains. They are the size of dragon eggs. Amongst them is an elven women - faelynn.   They can talk it through but they won't win and they will see a chained up, broken, bloodied, mostly dead green dragonborn being held captive. she gives them a choice, eggs or the dragonborn. resolve that.    if they choose the eggs, the dragonborn gets taken with them out of here, they can try and fight but faelynn will immediately disappear with the eggs if they do that but the others will stay and fight.    if they choose the dragonborn, they will all run with the eggs and disappear off into the trees. the dragonborn is breole, the green ancient dragon who feels terrible that he told his mate to trust the elf when she couldn't be. he will say he thought she was safe because she wasn't with the followers but it seems that no elf can be trusted.


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