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#22 - The Path to Chaos Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope headed in the direction of Shimmering Grotto to find out what was going on in the Feywild. They spent a week sorting things out in various places across Arrasgoth and met just outside of Purgatory, finding it seemed a lot more organised and that it is a hub of activity. Purgatory themselves were clearly getting ready to defend themselves and the people against The Darkness.   The group set off on their journey towards Shimmering Grotto, encountering various different incidences on their way, whether that's by people or by beast. They cam across a group of travelling bards that Harlin Wyllt knew known as Heart of a Dragon. Alfyn Weis delivered a half orc child in a tavern and the group took down a 'house spider' which turned out to be a large house that was, in fact, a mimic.    They came across a mysterious egg which Alfyn took with him, unsure what it was but looking like a dragon egg in itself. They eventually reached their destination in one piece and found that there was a lot of activity outside the gate to the Feywild itself.
Report Date
16 Dec 2020


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