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#11 - Piracy Pays Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope returned to Inham Farms to explain to Daelar Weis what had happened with the lizardfolk and that they had agreed to help out the farm in exchange for food and resources. The group also decided that it was time to check on Prosperity Bay as Jebediah seemed to had forgotten about it entirely despite leaving it in a state after having all his money stolen.   The group set off for Inham Farms, passing through Egomont on route to check on their five orphans, Brea and Maura. On route to Egomont, they cam across two elven runaways who were getting married. The group watched the marriage and thought nothing of the people they met, but would find out many months later who these people were.    After picking up their orphans and the two sisters, they headed out of Egomont and came across the second animal of their menagerie, a baby hydra who was adopted by Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu who knew a little bit about raising scaly creatures.    Eventually, the group arrived into Prosperity Bay to find it with more tents and buildings than when they first left it. There are also a lot more people here, seeming to be dressed like seafaring folk. The barkeeper thank Jeb for sending his ally with money, the currently dragonborn Nombu, Champion of the Blue. She also told the group that the town was now run by pirates and they were doing a great job.   The group went to the town hall and met the Captain that had taken over Prosperity Bay due to the absence of Jeb not being there to stop him. He introduced himself to the group as Captain Gawain of The Green Knight and leader of Prosperity Bay.
Report Date
16 Sep 2020
Primary Location


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