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#12 - The Green Knight Report

General Summary

Captain Gawain explained what was going on to The Beacons of Hope about Prosperity Bay. He explained that there was a town that wasn't been looked after, he wanted a land base, and so he took it over. He made sure everyone was cared for with his riches from treasure hunting with his crew, The Green Knight, and he didn't see a problem with it seems as no one else was helping them. Jebediah no longer wanted the town so gave him the official deeds and agreed he could stay in charge because he was better than him anyway.   Captain Gawain invited them all to a party on his boat, The Green Knight, to meet the rest of his crew and to get to know each other. They all met each other on the boat that evening, played games and drank alot. As the party was continuing, one of the Beacons of Hope was sent to get another barrel below deck. They quickly discovered that wasn't a good ideaas a cannon ball was blown through the hull of the shop, bailing it with water.   Rushing to stop the flooding and to see what happened, the group headed to the top deck and saw another pirate ship, covered in seaweed, barnacles and all sorts. The boat was captained by Captain Kat and she told them she was paid a lot of money to deal with them on behalf of Lord Orion Winthrope.   The group battled the other ship, finding that it was filled with undead other than Captain Kat. They defeated her and she explained she was cursed to always have a crew, but always undead. The group found out she had been dealt a bad deal by a group of hags in Blossoming Sands. Captain Gawain took pity on her and told her she worked for him now if she wanted to keep her life.   The group came off of the boat and each received a letter to go to different places. Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu received a letter from Ruthren the Reaper to deal with some tribe issues. Jebediah received a letter from Ryo regarding the Medusa's Rash information about the butterflies passing it on. Alfyn Weis received a letter from his father, Daelar Weis about a diplomatic issue in the mountains. Harlin Wyllt received a letter from his sister, Olivia that something had happened back home. Freya Holliend received a letter from an old friend, Paulton who was having some pirate issues. They all set off separately to deal with those issues in the different place.
Report Date
23 Sep 2020
Primary Location


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