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#06 - The Sands of Time Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope woke up in the orphanage and received a letter for Freya Holliend from her family that her hometown, Blossoming Sands was being affected by a coven of hags that had moved in. She explained to the group that she needed to investigate the situation as her money that she had been sending was not enough to deal with this hag situation.   The group took many days to get to Blossoming Sands on horseback but eventually they reached their destination. She led them to a building near one of the farms and introduced them to her brother, Francis Holliend. He explained the situation to the group; a coven of hags had moved in, not really causing them much issue, however another coven has moved in and have started somewhat of a war with the other.    The group offered to deal with the situation and headed into the swamp where the coven of hags have been living. Dealing with the hags caused Jebediah to lose his memories, Freya to lose something important to her and Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu to become cursed. They killed the new group of hags and left the others for now as they were not powerful enough to deal with both. Freya and Emrys vowed to return to destroy the hags themselves when they could.
Report Date
12 Aug 2020
Primary Location


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