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#33 - Poisoning The Water Hole Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope, after having some time to themselves, learnt that Banshaw Edge had opened its borders once again from the bubble they had put themselves in, and constructs had marched out across the region. Not attacking, just seemingly to prepare for something. The war is looming ever closer, and The Darkness is spreading.   The group hear about an issue at Cardnum and that the whole place was not responding to any messages or sending out any kind of trade. Alfyn Weis contacted Tilly Silveraxe and she told him that all the council are dead, that something wiped through them, like a magical plague. She told them she tried investigation but anyone who does dies within days.   The group set off for Cardnum and were only mildly disrupted by Prince Ali, cursed to forever roam with a circus thanks to, what Prince Iwan told the group, his father, the now dead King Finch. He begged to be told what is happened in the Feywild and was shocked to find his father was dead, and that he cannot get in contact with anyone at all from the fey, like it has been sealed off.   The group eventually reached the dwarven capital and it was like a ghost town. There were signs of mourning everywhere and the only shop that was open was Tordek's Point. They immediately headed to the council chambers and found Tilly, surrounded by bodies, with each one having a symbol of a boat resting upon it.   She explained that the people seemed to get poisoned. A miner got sick, then more miners got sick, and then anyone going in the mines got sick. Then the council investigated and demanded she did not go due to her father passing, and they all got sick. She said she thought maybe 100 dwarves weren't affected but that got smaller with every day.    The group headed into the mines and discovered that there was definitely a sign of The Darkness here, a corruption in the mine. They found something dripping onto Jebediah's head, liquid mercury. The mercury, however, was pure black. They soon found living mercury oozes, ready to kill and devour them.   They fought the mercury but fighting the ooze was difficult. They eventually tempted it outside and into the snow, freezing it entirely. They figured out that the mercury had gotten into the water supply as well as the whole water cycle of Cardnum. Anyone who had drank the water become mercury poisoned but there was no sign of it ever being investigated in the water house as a dead body still sat there, covered in necrotic scars, just like those of the Tenabrae.
Report Date
16 Apr 2021
Primary Location


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