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#24 - Once Upon A Dream Report

General Summary

After dealing with the situations of the two kings and putting King Facilion on the throne, the group headed North to deal with the situation that had arisen with Peregrine Bay and the missing status of Captain Bill. They got in contact with Captain Gawain and discovered that he was dealing with a bunch of vampires with his crew, The Green Knight.   The group headed off past the The Enchanted Forest and soon discovered why it was called that. They found two orphans that begged them to kill their stepmother who kept making their father abandon them in the woods. Jebediah found himself charmed and forced to kill the children by the stepmother who was a powerful witch.   Further into their journey, the came across a group of people calling themselves 'Merry Men' who attempted to rob them. They explained they were running from a corrupt sheriff who was rinsing the town of all their money.   Finding these events more and more odd, the group headed towards a small hut in the forest and found a man who explained that he was Elias, known as The Storyteller and that the forest itself was alive with his creations. He explained that some of his creations have gone rogue due to the current situation with The Darkness and that he recently lost his brother to dark thoughts as well.   As they carried on their journey towards Port Neswest, the group were stopped by a wild-eyed and dishevelled alchemist who handed them a box. Jeb took the box and before they had time to do anything, he said this was sent with regards from Rudyard and time froze as they found themselves inside of a dungeon, without items, weak and completely alone.
Report Date
22 Jan 2021
Primary Location


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