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#27 - Dead on the Water Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope woke up in Port Neswest and found out who was picking them up to take them to Peregrine Bay. None other than Captain Kat of Dead on the Water and her crew. The group met the boat crew, including Shield , Aliward Foreswift and Corrinth Maywind.   The crew set off on the boat and headed in the direction of the pirate island. The Dead on the Water crew were not sure what had happened on the island only that no one had heard from Captain Bill in a long time. Captain Kat explained there was a big storm but they should be be able to get through it with their small ship.    The group headed through the storm and found four storm giants casting a ritual. They considered stopping them for a moment but quickly figured out they were trying to quell the storm rather than raising it up themselves. The group helped how they could and continued on with the travels.    Continuing through the sea, they heard the call of the sirens not far from them. They managed to avoid being destroyed by the harpies that were resting on the island nearby and instead found a ton of loot, including a small mermaid child that had gotten washed on to shore. The crew of Dead on the Water felt underpowered compared to the ferocious battle the Beacons of Hope put on and took the mermaid child onto the ship with them to figure out at a later date.   The ship continued on to reach Peregrine Bay that was in a bad state. They found Captain Gawain in a fight and discovered his crew had been taken, and that half the pirates in here had been turned into vampires. The group fought there way through the pirate tavern, rescuing some of the trapped pirates, before discovering that Captain Bill and Captain Gawain's crew had been taken by REDACTED.   They headed in the direction of the castle, coming up against an almighty powerful creature, none of them prepared with the amount of damage they would face and the likelihood of them dying. Aliward, unbeknowst to everyone else, had found a magical item on the harpy island, a fish that could cast the Wish spell. He used it in that moment, to make REDACTED never have existed.   This caused a massive rupture in the time space continuum and Faraine Writingham turned up, fuming that something had happened. She offered to remove them from time and to put them back, with all their memories in this new timeline that had been created, but everyone else needed to stay here.   Time was rewritten and the group were left back at Port Neswest, with no one having a clue who REDACTED was.
Report Date
12 Feb 2021
Secondary Location


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