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#28 - The Power of Knowledge Report

General Summary

After returning to a time that was slightly askewed after the meddling of a wish fish from Aliward Foreswift , The Beacons of Hope headed back to Inham Farms as the pirates were no longer under the influence of a vampire. They spoke to Daelar Weis who explained there was an issue with Skegring Sands and that trade between one of the places down there, Cliffdale had almost ceased altogether. He asked if they could head down to check it out, make sure everything is okay and check that The Darkness had done nothing to cause any harm there.   The Beacons of Hope set off in the direction of Skegring Sands, finding the town of Parona that had been run over by Darkness tainted rats. They discovered that a young female lizardfolk had died in the mill, the younger sister of Jaz.   The group found another strangely affected town, Beaufort, that contained its own mystery as a famous bard, Vulmon Longroot had his wife, Princess Josephine in this town, locked away by a jealous succubus known as Rwen. The group discovered that although the town believed the bard to be dead, he had actually been cursed by the jealous succubus after he tried to free himself from her, and turned into a bird instead. They agreed to try and help solve this situation that he now had at some point but were not sure how. [Jebediah decided to return home at this point.   Continuing on their journey, they eventually came across a library that seemed to come out of nowhere. Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu discovered that this was The House of Books, the domain of Dutdur, God of Knowledge who appeared to him in the form of a beautiful tanned woman. He gave Emrys a gift, a book that would grant him knowledge as he wrote in it, as a way to further help against the fight to destroy the Darkness.   As they travelled, the met another member to join their crew for a short period, a man known as Eldrek Zana. He agreed to help them in their fight against the Darkness and to fight by their side.   The final leg of their journey led them to the city of Whitewall where they found a large fortress that claimed to hold a horde of treasure and a large beast. They took a rest in the town, deciding that they would consider tomorrow whether they would go into the fortress to find out what was in there. Half of the group were not interested in going into the place at all. Eldrek was fully ready to go into the fortress to impress one of the ladies and got drunk with some of the other party members before agreeing that they would go in and find this treasure and this beast.
Report Date
19 Feb 2021


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