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#08 - Everyone Has A Price

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope had decided to stay in Cedar Wilds for the night and woke to find Jebediah appearing through a portal just on the outskirts of the village. Entrydal explained that he had an emergency portal linked with his brother, Ryo, so he imagined that was how Jeb had arrived here.   As they were talking, one of the villagers, Ulenas came with blood running down his face and a poisoned arrow in his shoulder. He explained he was hunting in the forest and someone hit him with no reason. They looked at the arrow and found it was very well made and unique in design - it was no mere bandit that had fired this shot.   The group decided to investigate what had happened on behalf of Entrydal who felt it was better for him to stay behind to protect the village just in case. The group got stopped by Brea on the edge and she asked if she could come with them. After some deliberation, it was decided she could come too. They came across an arrow in a tree with the note 'Found you, traitor.'   Brea explained that she didn't know who it was from but that there are a couple of people in the village who are running from someone. She explained that she's there to protect her sister as she is more on the reckless side. The group followed the trail of arrows and immediately found the floor giving way beneath them, causing them to slide into a lit tunnel that led further into the dark.   Once reaching the end of this corridor, they found a bounty hunter who had been sent by Rudyard to hunt down Brea and Maura. He called her a traitor to her home and to the Kingdom of Cosmopolita. He then attempted to kill Brea so no more secrets could get out. This resulted in Alfyn Weis taking an arrow to the chest for her to protect her.    The group eventually defeated the bounty hunter and took his bow that turned out to be an Oathbow. The group asked Brea what was going on and she explained that her sister had been studying dark magic and when Brea had found out, she couldn't help herself and told her parents what Maura had found. This was what led them to having to run because secrets could cause major problems in the wrong hands.    The group then decided to head back to Egomont with Brea in tow to live in a safer place that was more protected. There was no sign of Harlin Wyllt or Maura in this whole situation.
Report Date
26 Aug 2020
Primary Location


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