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#03 - The Voting Dead Report

General Summary

After helping out Kelston and Finder's Glen, they continued on their journey towards Egomont after a quick rest after being wrecked by a banshee. The gnomes of Finder's Glen offer to help the group in any way they can should they need help in their future.    After some hours of travel, the group entered the large city of Egomont that was perhaps the most bustling place some of them had ever been. It was filled with many sights, people and smells. It didn't take them long to find out that something strange was going down here. They discovered from the mayor, Quinn Glorybluff, that something was off with the voting system and the tallies were not adding up. Finding themselves with free time on their hands and a need to get in some good books for their own futures, they offered to investigate.   They searched the church in town and discovered that the dead were no longer staying dead. In fact, they were getting up and they were voting for the mayor's running mate, a tabaxi known as (insert name here). After dealing with the skeletons and zombies in the church, they managed to trace it back to a necromancer in the basement of his mother's house who had been paid a lot of money to get the dead to vote. He offered to never do it again and the group were kind, letting Zane help in the community rather than going to jail. They did, however, take away his necromancy book.
Report Date
22 Jul 2020
Primary Location


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