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#07 - Sheep In Wolf's Clothing Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope headed from the orphanage of Bloodmane Manor to find a young boy in town who had lost his dog who asked Harlin Wyllt for help. He said that he last saw it near The Fighting Pits and then it ran off behind there.   The group headed to The Fighting Pits and followed footprints of the dog that lead into the forest. The group decided to continue into the forest and found that it had gotten a lot darker very quickly. The tracks trailed off and bigger tracks were found where they found large wolves that were ready to fight. The group defeated the wolves and found a small den where a wolf cub was laying. They took the wolf cub with them as a future pet.    They found a tunnel and went through it to find themselves emerging in a small village that had been hidden in the middle of the woods, Cedar Wilds. They found the missing dog but just before the sun started to set, there was some apprehension. The villagers told them to leave as the night is no time to be in the village. However, they found it was too late as werewolves attacked the village.   The group managed to defeat the werewolves and discovered that the leader of the village, Entrydal, was actually a werewolf too but one that protects the town, not attacks it. He had been protecting the town from the werewolves but appreciated the help. He asked the group not to tell anyone about the village as it is a place for adventurers who want to retire or to hide.    A blossoming romance also started to happen in this time between Alfyn Weis and Brea, a twilight cleric that resided in the village with her sister, Maura. Harlin started to take a liking to Maura himself.
Report Date
19 Aug 2020
Primary Location


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