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#39 - Blossoming in the Swamp Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope found out that some of Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu tribe had found another of The Ancient Dragons and that there were more spread out across the continent, reappearing quickly and in difficulty. They were told that some eggs had been stolen and Vileagous asked if they could return them to him as they may have a chance of surviving if they are returned. He also told Emrys that he was one of his kin, practically born of his own blood.   They set out in a place that seemed strange for all of them, Blossoming Sands. The place had previously been destroyed after a run in with the hags and a visit to the Cryptic Caves which resulted in the death or entrapment of Freya Holliend's father, Arthur Holliend and after find out that her brother, Francis Holliend, had sold half of the town to devils, that was the final nail in the coffin of the place.   They reached Blossoming Sands and found that there was a situation still going on there. They had let one of the hags lived as she could not speak and she still remained in the swamp near to the place. It was also found that the only building left still intact was the Holliend house, which was strange in itself.   The group headed into the swamp and found the hag, using their own arcane knowledge to figure out that she wasn't just a hag, she was actually one of The Ancient Dragons who had tried to hide and gotten stuck into the hag form. She told them that she had a broken mirror that was twinned with another but that when they had fractured, she had been stuck and she didn't know what had happened to the other on the other side. She also told them that she had been visited by an elf who had made a deal with the other hags; an elf known as Faelynn.   The group realised they had two major goals here. One was to find Faelynn as soon as possible, the other was to find where the other dragon was in connection to this hag. They believed that if they fixed both mirrors, they might fix what had happened to her. They thought about places that were almost similar to Blossoming Sands and realised the only other place that had a weird temperature situation was Jungle Hollow. They spoke to some of The Ancient Dragons and got a lift to Jungle Hollow.
Report Date
07 Jul 2021
Primary Location


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