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#36 - Moon Lighting Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope returned to King Facilion and told him that the traitor was killed, and that it was the so-called Queen of Hearts, Queen Venestra. After King Facilion assured them once he had dealt with The Darkness inside the Feywild, they would have the Feywild army at their disposal, the group headed back towards Egomont where criminal activity had gone rampant.    The group arrived in Purgatory and met together with Ruthren the Reaper to discuss what had been going on. She explained that Egomont had been overtaken by the tabaxi theives' guild, Moon.   She explained that Purgatory had mostly left them to their own devices because she had more to worry about. Besides, they had kept away from them and hadn't caused any real issues other than taking over the city. The market had already moved to Purgatory so those that were left knew what they had stayed for. She told them that she didn't know who was running it or where their HQ was so they might need to do some exploring.   The group headed into Egomont and quickly discovered that the place was certainly a den of criminal activity. They found that it wasn't too difficult to find where the HQ was but actually getting an audience was a bit more difficult. They spent a lot of time working around the shops until eventually they managed to gain an audience with the leader. They learnt the leader was actually a tabaxi called Moon himself.   He sat them down and spoke with them all, saying that they owned this town and Quinn Glorybluff is probably dead by now. He said that if they have a problem, they'll have to deal with the whole of Egomont itself. He explained that this place doesn't interfere with anyone else so he doesn't know what the problem is. He also told Alfyn Weis that he didn't like his type and no one would here. He was too churchy.   The group decided they couldn't really do anything about the situation as technically it wasn't hurting the city, so returned to Purgatory to explain what they had found out. Ruthren agreed that they would just leave them to it and she didn't think that the city was a beacon for The Darkness as although there is crime, the place is pretty happy. The group then returned to their own respective places.
Report Date
18 Jun 2021
Primary Location


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