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#10 - Once Bitten, Twice Tribes

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope woke up with huge hangovers and couldn't fully remember what happened the night before. Daelar Weis had a private conversation with Alfyn Weis in the morning about being respectful when in his parents house as they heard him with a woman all night, that woman being Brea.   Daelar spoke to the rest of the group about something that had happened that was affecting their livestock. They were also introduced to Elisen, one of the main farmers at Inham Farms. She explained to them that there have been issues with a lizardfolk tribe in Barren Moor, that they had been giving land to goblins, stealing livestock, burning grain and just being a general nuisance. She also explained that she was worried that some druids might be in danger as they were last seen near there and are brand new to the druid and adventuring life.   Daelar suggests they try and negotiate with the lizardfolk the best that they can but he says he understands that force might be necessary. The group headed out of Inham Farms, met Fenla in the Battle Ostrich farm and started their journey to Barren Moor.   It didn't take them long to find the tribe and figure out that it was more than just a few. They could see the sea of tents of the tribes and a group of non-lizardfolk tending to a small garden of fertile land, an uncommon feature of Barren Moor that had got it's name from being infertile.   The group decided to split up, with Jebediah heading to speak to the druids after being distracted, and the others heading to speak to the head of the lizardfolk tribe. Jeb managed to free the druid with one wishing to stay with him, a halfling druid known as Origin.   Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu spoke to the head of the domestic side of the lizardfolk who explained that they would be happy to make an alliance but that the leader of the military side does not side with strangers. The group learnt that if he could not be reasoned with, then they would not stop.   After speaking this over, Emrys challenged the leader of the military side to a one on one battle to lead the tribe. Emrys emerged triumphant after killing their leader and became the leader of the military side himself. The tribe agreed to an allegiance between themselves and Inham Farms. Emrys remained the leader of the military side but put the domestic leader, Jaz as the leader of the tribe whilst he was away, with the idea to eventually make her leader of both sides.
Report Date
09 Sep 2020
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