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#31 - The Fine Print Report

General Summary

Travelling across the vast expanse of desert, the The Beacons of Hope and Eldrek Zana came across something strange buried in the desert. They found a warforged, filled and covered with sand, and seemingly deactivated. Alfyn Weis managed to get the warforged up and alive again, and found out that he was called Sword, and had been on a scouting mission when he had been deactivated. He asked about his home, Scarmont Key, but the place did not exist in current times and was not one they knew of.    Sword agreed to come with them and the group got in contact with Captain Kat to pick him up as they knew of only one other warforged, Shield . They then reached the outskirts of Cliffdale and found the whole town had been surrounded by a large wall.    They approached the gate and the group were asked if they were here to work or not. The group managed to convince the guards to take them to the boss as they were here to find out what was going on and that they were the Beacons of Hope.    The group eventually met one of the deputies of the town who explained that the place was profitable, everyone was looked after and no one went hungry, there was just no taverns. The group found that very strange indeed and demanded to speak to the boss, feeling that something was very off about this place indeed.   The group were taken through a portal into literal hell where they met an archdevil, currently in ownership of the town as every inhabitant had signed their soul to him in exchange for a happy, safe life, as long as they worked hard in the factories. The group found these unsettling but were unable to find a loophole out of it. Eventually Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu asked him if they left the town, but rewrote the contracts so they truly knew what they were signing, then would he deal with the succubus problem they had in Whitewall  The archdevil agreed to the terms, said he would deal with the succubus, Rwen, and introduced himself as Valus, archdevil of the hells of Arrasgoth. The group returned to the town through the portal, left Eldrek behind and continued on with the next part of their journey.
Report Date
12 Mar 2021
Primary Location


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