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Valus (VAL-US)

Valus is the current ruler of the Hells that are connected to Arrasgoth and is also an archdevil. He is the oldest devil in the Arrasgoth continent despite how young he appears to be and normally appears in tiefling form. He is the current owner of Cliffdale and also owns all of the souls that reside in that town after they sign their contracts to live there. He is a businessman first and foremost, and creates contracts that are not only legally binding but also seem perfectly fine to any untrained eye.   Valus prides himself on his watertight contracts and has never breached a single one. Any person that tries to breach one of his contracts is killed on the spot by one of his two deputies and sent to the Hells. He does not take contract breaking lightly and they will suffer greatly for it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Valus was born in the first layers of The Hells in the realm of Arrasgoth and worked his way through the ranks by slaughtering anyone and any thing in his way until he reached the very top layer of it. Once there, he seated himself upon the reigning thrown after beheading the previous archdevil with his bare hands, and took control of the realm for himself.   Once seated within power, he started to collect souls and build up his business within Arrasgoth, but this became tricky when the people started to get wiser over the centuries. He eventually decided he needed to be 'above board' and started to take over a settlement, Cliffdale, by giving them everything they needed to live good lives, as long as they signed the contract to work for him. Every single one signed it, including signing the lives of their children, under the protection of Valus to keep them safe from harm. He, in turn, received their souls when they died.  
"We all fear death, not knowing what's out there but knowing I have a place somewhere now makes death seem less of an end."
— Citizen of Cliffdale
  This business was almost wrecked by the intervention of The Beacons of Hope who attempted to convince him to free the town. He refused but said he would adjust the contracts for the people to give their children the option to sign their souls over, knowing that many would. After all, they were safe and protected in their town, on the outskirts of the heat and deadly creatures that lurked in the sand of the desert. What choice would any of them have: death or life?   The reason Valus collected the souls in the first place was to create more devils to work for him in his paperwork office in the Hells. With more souls, he could get more power and more contracts out. The more contracts, the more he would have control over lesser devils.
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