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The Hells

"The Hells extend much further than you can begin to imagine, and it is a lot more than just hot fire."
  The Hells are a series of dimensional planes that go through nine actual layers and visiting this area is most often a one way ticket. Only the first layer is known about in Arrasgoth and the section that has been visited by Arrasgothians was the layer owned and controlled by Valus, an archdevil who rules through a series of binding contracts.   The Hells are a plane that is made to be difficult to live in if you are not from there. Not too far removed from the feelings of the Shadowfell, the Hells can make someone feel extremes of emotions, normally despair or anger. Many mortals who have wandered or been dragged into the Hells have been changed forever either physically or mentally by what tortures and punishments they have seen.   From what has been visited of the Hells and returned from, the form of where you visit can be shifted and altered depending on the person ruling it. It is also the birthplace of fiends and devils, and it is believed the Hells are where the lineage of tieflings also comes from but that has not been confirmed.
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species

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