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"The most feared of all the races and yet normally the ones everyone wants to see drunk. All because of looking a bit like a devil..."
— overheard conversation between two tieflings in Banshaw Edge
  Tieflings are a race of humanoids that can be found in Arrasgoth though they are one of the rarer types of humanoids that can be seen. Tieflings are the more feared types of humanoids found on the continent due to their close resemblance to devils found in The Hells. Despite being born from human bloodlines, it is believed that they are born from the mother being impure or evil. There is little research that has been done to explain why a tiefling may be born.

Basic Information


Tieflings look human in most ways, in regards to their biological make up. However, the infernal bloodline they are born with does have an impact on how they look. Tieflings can have horns that vary depending on each individual and have been known to be styled by some of them. They also have tails that are quite thick unlike humans who have no tail at all. They have a different skin tone to humans in some ways, mostly tinging into the red colour, but can be purple as well. Their eyes tend to be solid in colour and they have pointed, canine teeth.

Growth Rate & Stages

Tieflings grow and age at the same rate as humans but tend to live a few years longer than their counterparts. They hit maturity at the age of 18 just like humans.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Tieflings have the ability to see in the dark as if it was dim light. This is common amongst a large majority of the races of Arrasgoth as a whole. They also have a resistance to fire, able to withstand the heat much better than their human counterparts. They are also born with the ability to perform spells, regardless of if magic runs in the family, due to their infernal bloodline.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
90 years
Average Height
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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