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"I like to see myself as a businessman. Getting souls is my business, and you are interrupting it."
  Archdevils are a species that evolve within The Hells after defeating and climbing through the ranks of different demons and other creatures that are found there. They are brutal, violent and chaotic, mostly focused on getting as much power as possible, however they possibly can. They are a race but the name of 'archdevil' also counts as their title.   Archdevils exist within The Hells mostly by themselves, but they can visit the material plane should they wish to. It is often frowned upon in their society to leave their post and can cost them their power if they die on the material plan as they go back to the start.

Basic Information


Archdevils do not have specifically defined appearances and each archdevil is different from another. Archdevils tend to will their appearance into existence, and have two main forms, that of their devil form and that of their humanoid form. Most archdevils choose to appear as a Tiefling in humanoid from, but the devil form varies drastically. Some will have wings, some will have fangs, some may have two legs, some may have hundreds.

Growth Rate & Stages

Archdevils evolve from lesser devils as they kill and steal power on their progression up. There is no level of growth in terms of normal races in Arrasgoth and there is no definite level of maturity.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Archdevils have a large variety of special abilities but this changes depending on each archdevil. They all have immunity to fire damage and they can all change their shape, but any other powers depends on the actual archdevil, especially with their choice of what they will look like. They can all also see in darkness as if it was dim light, and some can see completely through magical darkness.
Average Height
Geographic Distribution
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