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#13 - Silver in the Hills Report

General Summary

After dealing with their own issues, The Beacons of Hope reconvened at Inham Farms due to unsettling information that had been received from Cardnum. One of the council of Cardnum had gone missing in the mines and the trade route had been cut off. Alfyn Weis was tasked with going to deal with this situation and to bring his friends along with him to see what they could do about it.   The group take a few days of travel to Cardnum and arrive to find it abuzz with activity and a sea of dwarves. The snow has freshly fallen and it is freezing compared to the other places that they had been before. The group headed to find the daughter of the missing council member, Tilly Silveraxe who explained her father was trapped in a mine and no one would do anything about it. The group agreed to investigate if they had the permission of the council. The spoke to the council and it was agreed the adventurers could go but no dwarves would help them because it was too dangerous.   The group decided to investigate and explore the town first before heading into the mines. They were particularly interested in Tordek's Point, the enchanter shop run by male dwarf called Tordek who had a strange hissing type of voice. He granted them some magical items and the group found he had a painting of a trapped figure who was supposedly from the future and very powerful.   After exploring the town, the group headed to the mines to find out what had happened and hopefully rescue Tilly's father.
Report Date
30 Sep 2020
Primary Location


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