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#34 - Through The Fey Glass Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope returned to Inham Farms with Tilly Silveraxe in tow, being the only member of the town still alive, as well as Tordek, who remained behind once they figured out what he was, a guardian naga. As they arrived, @Prince Iwan approached them and asked them if they could help him because he could not get into the Feywild at all, something has locked them out.   They managed to get a message out to King Facilion as they were not fey and he asked them to come to see him. He told them he cannot bring them straight to him but that he would bring them as close as possible. The group were sent into a portal along with Prince Iwan and found themselves in some sort of corridor.   Prince Iwan was immediately confused and said that they shouldn’t have ended up here. He explained to them that it was part of the old castle but there was something wrong. The group found that they were in a large chamber and the walls were scarred with necrotic marks, tearing at the panelled wood. In the middle was a table with an empty cup and the crumbs of some sort of food substance. There was also a half ripped note that read ‘me’ on it in sylvan. There was also a door that was way too small for anyone but Jebediah(Jeb) Winthrope.   Jeb managed to eventually work his way through the door and found arcane sigils on the outside that could shrink or enlarge the door. He let through through the door once it was enlarged and they found themselves in a tiny garden.   Tall hedge plants and ranks of flowering growths secluded the place from everything except the blue sky above. Rocks jut ted from the ground and formed a backdrop for a tiny waterfall that filled a shallow basin in which lotus grow. Around the basin edge was pretty stone formations and soft, low flowering plants. Comfortable benches of stone were placed to permit full view of this beautiful spot.   The group spoke to the flowers that could talk but were very angry about being picked and attacked. They told them about the black and decaying beds nearby and that they were mad about always being just yanked out of the ground. The group could tell that something was poisoning the Feywild and that it was probably The Darkness  They walked past the flowers and out of the garden, heading into a large walkway lined with roses that appeared to have been painted from red to black. At the far end they found a set of playing cards, as large as Harlin Wyllt in size. They also found a mallet that led near to a neat blue bow, tied up with a stain of necrotic marks on the side.   They followed the footprints that led out of the door that seemed very small, almost childlike, and found torn blue fabric on one of the rose bushes. They found the looming figure of the castle up ahead and behind them, there was no sign of where they have come, other than a small black shoe, belonging to a child.   They eventually reached King Facilion and he appeared bloodied but not beaten, many of his men dead outside the steps of the castle with necrotic scars across them. He explained that The Darkness seemed to get into the Feywild with the help of someone from inside. He explained that he believed there was a traitor amongst The Fey but that he couldn't say who. He said without knowing who the traitor was and killing them, the Feywild could not help them in their fight. They agreed to search the Feywild kingdom for any sign of a traitor.
Report Date
27 Apr 2021
Primary Location


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