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Nega, Champion of the Green (NEY-GA)

Nega, Champion of the Green is the oldest member of The Ancient Dragons. She was the first of the dragons to be created by Dutdur, God of Knowledge and has the most knowledge of all the dragons combined. She was cursed to be trapped inside of a fortress due to a mix up of a trap meant for Nombu, Champion of the Blue which she ended up inside instead. She was freed by The Beacons of Hope and fixed the first broken Ledrith Teithio in Arrasgoth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nega was the oldest of the Ancient Dragons, born and created first within the group. She was a wise creature, filled with the knowledge that Dutdur, God of Knowledge had granted her and she passed that knowledge down to the rest of her group. She was closest to Nombu who she saw as somewhat of a son to herself, despite no true blood relation between them. She made sure he flourished as a young dragon and would try to keep him out of harms way as much as she could.     During The War of the Skies, Nega had headed into a fortress in Whitewall to find some of The Followers of the Veil. She had learnt this was a trap for Nombu and, having the knowledge that he would be the only one that could free them from this, she took the trap and got herself caught, locked out of time. She was freed by The Beacons of Hope from the trap and helped them fix the Ledrith Teithio that had once been her own before they had been destroyed.
Current Location
Date of Birth
7th of Tomifin
Year of Birth
2567 BTU 3569 Years old
Skegring Sands
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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