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#38 - Draconic Origins Report

General Summary

With the impending war continuing, The Beacons of Hope continued work on sorting out any loose ends find them heading towards the Vivid Marsh to discuss the dragon situation. Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu spoke to his parents about needing to see if they could find any trace of dragons as a lot of The Ancient Dragons seemed to be reappearing elsewhere. The tribe agreed and assembled a team of dragonborns together so Emrys could continue his other work.   The group set off in the unexplored parts of the Vivid Marsh, places that they had just felt was too dangerous to deal with on a survival level. They reached some ruins that had long since been abandoned and Ancient Draconic written on the walls. They found a poem of some sort, maybe a prayer of some kind. It seemed to be half broken and difficult to make out but it appeared to be about keeping something protected or hidden.   They eventually came across a village filled with dragonborns of blue and green who were protecting something in the swamp - an ancient dragon known as Vileagous. They told them that he was the person that gave them life but they had not seen him in a long time and feared venturing further.    Continuing further, after defeating crocodiles and various water creatures, they found an area that seemed to be a swamp temple, which had dead bodies of fallen, young black dragons and one just about alive trapped inside of a ritual. The group managed to free it and asked the dragon what had happened. He explained they had been taken from their home and attacked, attempting to be caught or killed, he wasn't sure.    They found out there was a member of The Ancient Dragons trapped in a ritual further ahead, but unable to escape. They managed to break the ritual but almost died in the process. He thanked them but asked where his eggs were. The group had no idea but discovered that there was an elf that had taken them and tried to kill the other dragons.
Report Date
26 Jun 2021
Primary Location


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