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#32 - The Home Fires Report

General Summary

We stepped away from The Beacons of Hope to go and visit the Festival of the Hearth at Dawnminster where things were being prepared for the big change of the current clergy leader for Govlous, God of Life within the Church of Life.   The day had started out like any other day when it came to preparing for the large festival. As they were all going about their business, there was a large scream from the garden area and they discovered the plants were alive, but with murderous intention. The group of fighters at the church did their best to destroy the plants and not let it ruin their day. They investigated the dead plants and found some sort of dark magic was at play but they couldn't tell what.   They continued on with the festival, sitting around the fires that had been lit in honour of the day. The hearths that were lit however started to jump and cause the flames to create some sort of fiery demon creature. The group started fighting this one again, finding that things were getting more and more out of hand. The clerics continued with the festival regardless but just as they were about to continue, a loud boom rang out, all the fires went out and the clerics became possessed.   They soon discovered there was much more at play here. One of the 'chosen' to be the next head of the church was actually the succubus, Rwen, who had been forced into this situation after a deal. She was then freed by one of the other adventurers, someone who had been posing as an unhelpful member of the party but was actually Mordus, a cambion from hell who was out to cause mayhem and free Rwen.   As the two left, the rest of the church found themselves warmed by a soft glow and saw a version of Govlous himself, appearing as a mother with a baby in her arms.   
"Children of Life, fear not what has gone on this day. The lights of the Hearth shall never die as long as you have hope within your heart. Though you are scared, know that your god is always watching you and protects you more so now than ever.”
Report Date
19 Mar 2021
Primary Location


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