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"Will you drag us into this fight and cause us financial ruin? We need to make sure this fight is generating money.”
— one of the most prominent halflings, Lord Orion Winthrope
  Halflings are one of the races that can be found in Arrasgoth, typically in settlements amongst themselves. They are a cheerful and small race, enjoying the comforts of home such as music, food and drink. They tend to be a peaceful race though there are a handful that prefer to fight or take from others than to bring about peace. Halflings tend to cherish the bonds they make of friends and family, very rarely caring about fame or fortune.

Basic Information


Halflings have the same build as humans, such as two arms, two legs and two eyes, but they are much smaller than the other common races, hence the name 'halfling'. There are two many kinds of halflings, stout and lightfoot, but they are more like related families than full on racial subcategories. Their skin colour tends to range from tan to pale, and they normally have autumnal coloured hair. They very rarely have any beards amongst them.

Growth Rate & Stages

Halflings live longer than humans but not longer than the elves. They tend to reach maturity around 20 years old and generally live to the middle of their first or second century.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Halflings have a natural luckiness to them and often find themselves getting out of scrapes at the last minute. Their small size also allows them to slip through the spaces of creatures larger than them. They also are very rarely frightened and show extreme bravery. They cannot see in the dark like some of the other races.
150 years
Average Height
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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