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"We are a resourceful group! Apart from when it comes to reaching things that are high up. That requires a very helpful Dragonborn!"
— leader of Finder's Glen, Kelston
  Gnomes are one of the races that can be found in Arrasgoth, found pretty much all over the place but predominantly near forests of some kind. Gnomes take delight in all aspects of life and always wish to explore, create and play with everything and anything that they can get their hands on. They have an extreme enthusiasm that is infectious to all that meet them and have large personalities compared to their small stature. They live in neutral tones but will adorn themselves with jewellery and embroidery.

Basic Information


Gnomes have a slightly disproportionate build compared to humans, mostly as their head and eyes are much large in proportion to the rest of their bodies. They tend to be tan or brown in skin colour, with fair hair and bright eyes, but this varies from gnome to gnome. Their hair is often unkept and comes out everything, but a gnomes bear is always kept carefully neat and trimmed and styled. Gnomes are small creatures, half the size or less of an average human.

Growth Rate & Stages

Gnomes tend to mature at the same rate as adults do but tend to reach full maturity by around age 40. They can live to almost 500 years old so are one of the older races to grow in Arrasgoth.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gnomes are able to see in the dark as if it was dim light and have a knack for being cunning when it comes to using their brains against magic that might affect them. Each type of gnome also has their own abilities but every gnome walks a little slower to the average due to their small size.
500 years
Average Height
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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