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Aedan Mores

Aedan Mores is the protagonist in a series of popular adventure novels. His adventures take place all over the world. Often starting out with a search for a lost artefact, but ending with Aedan needing to rescue people. There are eleven novels in the series, with number twelve on its way. The Aedan Mores series is one of the most popular series of novels worldwide.

The hero

In the books Aedan is a man in his early 30s. He is a treasure seeker and goes on a new adventure in every novel. Readers soon learn that he is resourceful, courageous and always willing to help those in need. For many of his younger readers, Aedan is someone they aspire to become. Only his most avid fans know of Aedan's secret past, which he never talks about in the stories. After the success of the first two books, the author published a limited edition short story in which he reveals Aeden's past. It gets hinted at in the other books, but only the short story explains where Aedan came from.

His secret past

Aedan Mores started his life as an orphan on the streets of Yrillia. There he had to survive by stealing food and valuables until he found work on a trade ship. Aedan heard many stories about far-away lands and hidden treasure from the crew, which sparked a drive for adventure in the boy.

Novel Key Ingredients

These are some elements that are part of every novel. Readers would not consider it a proper Aedan Mores novel without them.

The search

Every Aedan Mores novel involves a search for a lost artefact. Some of these are artefacts known from myths and legends all over the world. Others are unique to the series. To find these artefacts, Aedan often needs to travel to ruined cities or temples. The search for the artefact is always a central theme in every book.

The rescue

Somehow Aedan always stumbles upon people who have to be rescued somewhere in the second half of the story. It is always a setback in his search for the artefact, yet he never doubts to abandon his quest and rescue the people instead. Once everyone is safe, Aedan continues on his search and eventually recovers the artefact.

Humor and friendship

The novels are fast-paced and intense adventure novels, yet there is always some humor intertwined within. This can be as a funny side character, or Aedan's sarcastic remarks on what is going on in the story. There is also always an element of friendship, whether it is with the people he rescued, or with a side character. Friends are important to Aedan.
Early 30's
Blond, short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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Jul 31, 2021 18:28 by Time Bender

This is a very creative take on the prompt! Great job. :D

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Thank you. :)

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Ooooo omg. This is brilliant. Its REALLY rare to see a look at literary works in a world, and you've not only given that, but also a look onto how that literature is studied when it becomes particularly popular. I can easily imagine it being almost a subgenre. Is this a thing? Like authors become famous because of their Moresian novels, mimicking the style and adding their own flare? Maybe over time their would be other authors who take up the mantle and add their own stories with the character himself, similar to how conan the barbarian is treated in the real world.   Lovely work as always.

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Thank you. :) I can imagine that this could indeed become a sort of subgenre.

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