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A fetchling part of The Bright Shadow


Shaul used to be a soldier who earned a bit of extra money by working as a merchant in between Pertkwugo and Pariltakb. He would sell his war exploits in The Bright, where they were valued a lot more for their rarity and exoticism. Too many travels to The Bright and too many "exciting substances" later, Shaul became a prime target for The Bright Police.
Shaul was jumped on while making the crossing between planes. He fought hard and managed to take down two of the "attackers" before being overwhelmed and taken. He was given no choice but to join them in their quest to make all three planes safer.
Ever since then, Shaul has become convinced of the necessity of The Bright Shadow, particularly as of late, as a lot more rifts are being formed. He has prevented many Papinijuwari incursions into the material plane, many goblinkin from going from The Bright to the shadow plane, and many diseased material plane humanoids from getting into either The Bright or the shadow realm.
He has risen in the ranks of the organization, thanks to his quick wits and ability in combat. While he is happy now and has a much more fulfilling life than he did as a soldier and a part-time merchant, Shaul misses the freedom of his soldiering days, when he could just travel where he wanted and do whatever he wanted when he was not needed to train or to do battle.
He is happy that The Bright Shadow has a rule of not speaking about one's past before joining them.

Campaign connections

Shaul will recognize Kanaak's new body as that of a warrior he used to battle for. He is quite upset/distraught to find her breaking the law, and will try to figure out what happened to her.

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Author's Notes

The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flagship Summer Camp 2021 event, specifically for prompt #25:
"Somewhere in your setting,
describe a brave hero, who hides a secret past.
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