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Damien Harkon

Mercy? I'm sorry to inform you that I have none. The sea and the storm raised me, taught me everything they know. They know nothing of mercy. But, their lessons in cruelty were not lost on me. Shall I show you?
— Damien Harkon to the surrendering defenders of Port Paradise
The captain of the monstrous vessel known as the Maelstrom has a well known reputation all through the waters of Far Harbor. And while his name is whispered in every tavern across every one of the islands , little of it can be verified as truth. For most, the piles of bodies and burning husks of ships left in the wake of his vessel is all they need to know.
However; there are some facts that can be relied upon for those who care to dig them up. Harkon appeared in the region a little over a decade ago with his bestial vessel and crew of cutthroats. Harkon himself is of dubious breeding - his height, mass, strength, and wicked visage suggest a parentage rooted in something unnatural. He uses these physical "gifts" combined with the firepower of fortress-like vessel to take what he pleases from the region. And, while most would describe him as greedy mercenary like so many other pirates, there are a rare few survivors of his attacks that claim otherwise.
Those who live to speak of an encounter with Harkon say that he's searching for something: powerful relics scattered around the region which take the form of simple stone keys. What they are or how he plans to use them is anyones guess. Over the years there have been others after these fabled objects but their hunt does not last long. In addition to searching for these keys Harkon is known to seek out and destroy any competition.
Damien Harkon Sketch by Antti Hakossari

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Harkon is a unique specimen possessing inherent physical strength and endurance similar to that of an ogre. He has always seemed to be in good health and has never shown an signs of fatigue while in battle.

Body Features

His appearance is one of considerable sloth yet that belies a body built for breaking lesser beings.

Identifying Characteristics

His body has a number of tattooes on it, each a momento of some past triumph

Special abilities

Dark Vision. Incredible strength and constitution.

Specialized Equipment

His ship, the Maelstrom. Dwarven pistols. His massive morning star. Pouches filled with healing potions, enhancing elixirs, and debilitating vials of liquid designed to weaken his foes

Mental characteristics


Harkon has often been seen selling out his services to others in the region in exchange for wealth or leads on the keys he seeks. One figure in particular that has used Harkon's talents on several occasions is Baron Falco Servanti. The Baron has employed Captain Harkon a number of times to carry out violent deeds that he himself would rather not dirty his hands or reputation with.

Personality Characteristics


Amassing personal wealth and power. Seeking the keys


Just awful. Harkon and his crew have no regard for taking care of their outward appearance
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Circumstances of Birth
Unknown but assumed to be some sort of unnatural union
Thin strands on his scalp while his beard is harsh, wire-like, and strong
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale skin with a considerable thickness that is difficult to damage
640 LBS
Known Languages
The Common Tongue. He also demonstrated a modest understanding of elven and frostmerite

Cover image: Damien Harkon by Antti Hakosaari


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