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The Common Tongue

The Common Tongue originated among the human tribes that migrated to the Balmoran plains. It was a unifying endeavor that allowed for greater cooperation and peace among these many tribes.   The Elves, Dwarves and Halflings would also come to learn this language as trade with the humans developed. It was also a relatively easy language to master compared to the older and more complicated languages spoken in their native cities.   During the rise of the Autumn Queen the language native to the Fae homeworld became a popular replacement for the Common Tongue in some circles, especially in Melanthris. However, after her defeat, the Common Tongue quickly returned to favor among these groups.   Today, it is widely accepted that most people know the Common Tongue as well as they do their heritage language or at least know enough phrases to get by. It is spoken almost exclusively in cities like Ghal Pelor, Homestead, Lockland, Baradrad and the Storm Lands. Tengu Town is adapting to the language quickly through a trader there would be wise to know a few words in Tengu Tongue as well. In Ghal Ankhar one is equally likely to run into traditional dwarven speech as they are Common Tongue. The oldest and most proud of the dwarves might look down on its use but the vast majority have accepted it fully. In Melanthris Common Tongue is rarely spoken or tolerated. Only the elves in the farmlands regularly use it.


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