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Tralven Bronzebeard

Tralven Bronzebeard

Male, Dwarf, LG, Folk Hero Standing at four and a half feet Tralven is not that different from many other dwarves in size or statue what does make him stand out is how he chooses to adorn himself. The most important aspect of his appearance is his large belly length beard that is left free aside from three braids each having flecks of bronze worked into the coarse hairs. His hair color is a light brown with red highlights with some whites starting to show, his skin is tanned from being outside a lot which is a rare trait for dwarves. He wears a breastplate for armor when he needs to but otherwise is covered in various pelts of large creatures from normal wolves to bears, worgs, and even a Winter wolf. He always has a heavy crossbow on his back and a well-used battleaxe on his hip as well as a large hunting knife. He has brown eyes and is stern when working but jovial when at rest which he credits to living outside of the capital city.   Personality Trait: I judge people by their actions, not their words. Ideal: Honesty: There is no point telling a lie or half-truth, always be straight with someone. Bond: I’ve lived and worked this land all my life and I will protect it and those who live on it as long as I draw breath Flaw: My family fled to become Khaldran exiles and to protect them and myself I told my only lie, that they died.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tralven is a dwarf who chooses to wander the surface to help the beast races that live on the surface of Hammerock choosing their company over most other dwarves. The major reason for this is that most of the Bronzebeard family fled Hammerock to join the Khaldran exiles, which is not something that Tralven has a problem with as they needed help and he likes to help people. The problem comes from such an act would be seen as treason and heresy by the ruling bodies of Hammerock and so Tralven keeps the family's choice a secret by telling the world they are dead, and that in his grief he wanders the surface away from other dwarves.



Speech: Lower pitch, boisterous unless angered then confrontational and aggressive, prone to colorful insults.
Lawful Good
4' 6"
220 pounds
Aligned Organization


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