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Eamoda Maditon

Eternal Life

Written by Endrise

Eamoda Maditon

I rather prefer to live and die a hundred times than go mad as a pile of bones that feeds off people's souls or a blood-sucking freak of the night.
— Eamoda Maditon

Eamoda Maditon is the founding father of Maditon Academy. A well-known scholar and archmage in many schools of magic, he also has a long history all across Sichelan.

With his greater understanding of the world, he achieved a perfect cycle of reincarnation. Which the once former Elf now uses to live as many lives they desire.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Eamoda is someone who lived a hundred lives, reincarnating into a new body after every death. They were Elves and Humans, Tieflings and Ganzi, male and female and anything between.

Through so many forms, his appearance has drastically changed each time. Which allows them to experiment with their looks whenever they do reincarnate.

First Incarnation

In his first incarnation, Eamoda was an Elven male of old age, wrinkled and with silver hair. A man who lived a fulfilling life, showing it through his shaky last years.

Dressed in purple robes, he resembled the archetypical mage, complete with a walking staff for casting their spells. Dressed in decent luxury, adorned with a golden ring and necklace.

Current Incarnation

In his current incarnation, Eamoda is now a Ganzi woman barely past their 20s. With bright purple eyes and hair of similar colour. A short posture with an athletic build, with skin tanned from long journeys under the open sun. An aspiring adventurer.

Still sharing the purple motif, their attire is a mixture of a long-sleeved shirt with baggy pants, with enough pockets for one to carry everything on their person. A spell book on their belt, a cloak around their shoulders, all fit for an explorer.

Special abilities

Thanks to a long history with the arcane, Eamoda is a formidable spell caster who knows hundreds of spells by memory. Not only powerful but also versatile. From abjuration to transmutation, although their preferred schools are illusion and evocation.

Their understanding of the cycle of reincarnation also allows them to be functionally immortal. Should Eamoda die, they are reborn somewhere else, keeping their memories. It does strip them of any benefits their old body might’ve given them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Eamoda began his life as an Elf from Silva, growing up amongst the Elven Kingdoms, mainly the capital of

Founding of Maditon Academy

When the city of Luxaltar grew around the First Flame, Eamoda became more interested in the capital of Nexu. Wanting to show his support, he offered educating the masses about the arcane, teaching them what the Elves knew of spells and magic.

He established Maditon Academy, providing a place for mages to study the art of magic with professional support. Together with donating a large sum of his collection to the libraries, Eamoda opened the doors for many people to learn spellcasting.

Eamoda became the academy's principal, serving as the school's leader for almost 100 years. At around age 182, he retired to do his studies privately.

Death & Rebirth

During his retirement, Eamoda studied further into his understanding of the reincarnation cycle, where he got an epiphany. Realising the truth of the cycle, the old Elf did not fear death anymore and was ready to embrace it. Preparing everything for his inevitable passing.

At two hundred and four years old, he passed away peacefully in his home, getting cremated shortly after. Soon after, he would reincarnate as a Human baby within the confines of Luxaltar, keeping most of his memories before his death. Succeeding at the perfect cycle.

With it, he began a new life, exploring the rest of Sichelan with a new name and identity. A simple merchant travelling amongst the regions of Peripatia and Nexu.

Blazing War

After another death and reincarnation as an Elf, Eamoda became a field medic during the height of the Star Plague epidemic. He aided with infected people, trying to contain the disease from spreading onto Silva's borders. Seeing the spread and uproar it caused, he knew an impending disaster was upon them against the Great Sangfroid Empire.

He made his way to the Elven Kingdoms and warned many state officials of the impending war that might transpire, giving them time to prepare. For others, he helped secure valuable relics or documents instead, preparing for Velda Sangfroid's siege.

Once the Blazing War started, he helped evacuate smaller settlements across Silva, bringing many people to safety. Eamoda helped both soldiers and civilians in the crossfire but died amidst the casualties of the war. A mere number amongst hundreds.

Reborn as a Dwarven woman, he witnessed the aftermath and aided in rebuilding it. Providing supplies to recovering regions, even teaming up with Aulek Sangfroid’s attempts at undoing his mother’s destruction. But the power vacuum only led to other groups taking over.

Even with his best attempts, only small parts of Elven society recovered.

Great Sangfroid War


Age of Silence




With hundred of years under their belt, Eamoda has studied everything from the magic arts to more mundane studies. Within the walls of his academy to more public schools or self-taught studies. All with the aids of dozens of teachers, some more professional than others.

His knowledge on some subject matters has dwindled, as each reincarnation makes the previous one fuzzier. So while a jack of all trades, Eomoda is a master of none.

Morality & Philosophy

The cycle of life is not one of a perfect circle. It is a bumpy road that requires ups and downs. Death is only permanent if you refuse to change!
— Eamoda Maditon

His understanding of the world is that things need diversity and change to exist. Stagnation will only kill the mind, causing people to end up in a self-destructive spiral.

It is why he never lives a same life twice, each reincarnation going for a unique experience. One time he studies in his academy about magic, another time he explores all of Sichelan. He lives long fulfilling lives, he lives short lives going out in a blaze of glory.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes


  • Experiencing new things
  • Rediscovering old friends
  • Stage plays


  • Clinging to old memories
  • Doing nothing
  • Sour food

Vices & Personality flaws

His biggest issue is his attention span. Focusing on anything is difficult for them unless they are truly interested in it. Which can cause some problems when talking with people.

Alongside that comes a low sense of empathy. Eamoda sounds uncaring about those around her, even if he has concerns and worries for them. Combined with a little ego garnered from his centuries of experience, he can seem rather full of himself.

Personality Quirks

Eamoda struggles to sit still, bobbing in their seat or while standing upright. Kicking around their legs, swaying their body, even wiggling their fingers or fiddling with something.

The same goes for maintaining eye contact, drifting around with their gaze when talking. They do listen, but their attention might seem elsewhere.

Chaotic Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
He of Infinite Names
Master of the Perfect Cycle
Wielder of Infinites
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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