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Aristus Quelennor

Larger than life hero.

The pickpocket soon found themselves outmatched when what could only have been a giant stepped into his path. In but a moment, one punch sent the thief falling to the cobbled street.   "No one gets away. Not on my streets."

The Hero of Dour Way

Aristus single-handedly ended the reign of the Hotiron Triad which had dominated an outer region of the long city for over a decade. He still bears the mark of the Triad on his right arm that was branded there during the brief period he was a prisoner. He escape their holding area, took out their guards, and defeated their three leaders, using one as a hostage to make the rest of the gang stand down. For his efforts in this matter, he became an officer of the law.

Tarnished Reputation

There are rumors that Aristus is in league with a well-known criminal named Sarisa Bellanoor. These allegations are the result of one aged and retired Feathermen who claims to have delivered a message from Sarisa to Aristus a decade ago. This letter has never been produced, though some believe Aristus has destroyed it.


He is a giant of a man, standing at almost two meters tall and weighing in at over 110 kilograms. The first thing most people notice after his height are the pair of eyes as blue as the skies that seem to pierce through anyone he looks at. He keeps his collar-length hair slicked back with absurd amounts pomade made of animal fats - a common hair product in the area. He bears a tattoo of an Ox across his back.

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Current Location
Date of Birth
20 Autumn 38 EX
Year of Birth
38 28 Years old


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