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Sarisa Bellanoor

Roaming bandit leader.

"She's the boss?"
"Yeah. Don't touch the braid."
"The braid? What'll she do?"
"Why do you think we call Kel 'The Knife With One Hand'?"
"Oh my."
Cropland Marauder

Sarisa leads a group of bandits that sack merchant caravans travelling from Burim to the villages that provide it with resources. A number of merchants never made it back and the trading houses began sending guards with the caravans, not that it has made much difference. The authorities of Burim have established a permanent presence along many of the major trade roads with small guard stations located every fifty or so kilometers. Despite these efforts, the caravans are not adequately protected for their entire journey and most that are attacked lose all of their cargo.

A Letter Once Sent

Back in her younger days, she supposedly wrote a letter to her lover, the now famous hero, Aristus Quelennor. She never talks about it and the only word for its existence is that of a retired Featherman.


Sarisa is about one and one-half meters tall but intimidating for her stature. She wears her waist-length hair in one giant braid. If it wasn't for the scar across the bridge of her nose, her most distinct facial feature would be her honey-colored eyes - a very rare trait in Burim. She has a number of coats suited for different seasons, each as intimidating as the last. Her favorite appears to be one made of the hide of a wolf with the head on the front.

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Date of Birth
11 Spring 38 EX
Year of Birth
38 28 Years old


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