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The Feathermen

Respected couriers and sociable travelers.

"Wait! I have a message I need to be taken to my sister." Turin screamed at the top of his lungs as he ran toward the courier.   The courier turned and looked at the out of breath man. The courier's pin resembling a feathered wing gleamed in the light.   "I can take it."   Turin handed the courier the letter and they inspected it.   "I just want her to know that I will be a father soon."   "Congratulations. I can deliver this, it is out of my way but I know someone who can get it there."   "Thank you very much, I appreciate this. It is hard to be so far from family." Turin handed some coins to the courier.   "We are here to connect people. Light or storm, the next town over or across the sky, we bring people together."


The Feathermen have a decentralized structure. It is a loose coalition of people who know other people. Through these links they are able to get a message to anyone, anywhere.

Public Agenda

To deliver messages for anyone to anywhere. Feathermen are often motivated by a love of travel or an experience in their past where a message was important to them.


The resources of the Feathermen are unrecorded. They are able to accomplish a lot but their decentralized structure even the number of members is unknown.


The Feathermen have been around for an exceptionally long time. The date of their formation is unknown. The Feathermen have played a key role in some military conflicts by delivering war reports, though the Feathermen have never sided with any army.

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The ties that bind.

Founding Date
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
Couriers, Messengers, Wings.
Featherman, Featherwoman.


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