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Henry Carver

A man raised by strangers who was left mysteriously orphaned while receiving an education away from home. Now he quietly searches for his family even knowing he may not like what he finds.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The son of prosperous farmers, Henry spent most of his childhood running around the streets near the estate of his great aunt inside the secure walls of Etude. His parents lived outside the city and although it was considered quite safe they didn't like the idea of having a small child outside the protection of the city guards. So his caretakers were his elderly aunt and uncle and their small staff of hired servants. He never knew how much better off he was than the vast population of Allegri and his life was sheltered from hardships.
During his early teen years his aunt began to grow frail and even a little sickly so most of his teachings were from the servants and as he began to spend more time among the staff he realized how hard everyone works. As a child he didn't see it but as a young man it was clear that what he'd taken for granted all these years had a cost involved that others had been paying on his behalf. This bothered him deeply and he felt a sense of betrayal from the adults who had prevented him from seeing the world as it truly was.
His aunt passed away when Henry was sixteen and although her death wasn't a surprise, the aftermath was eye-opening for Henry. His uncle inherited the estate in Etude and the paternal warmth Henry was accustomed to faded quickly once the elderly man was forced to deal with the legalities and complications of his wifes' death. Although his feelings towards Henry hadn't changed he slipped into a deep sadness when his wife died and he seemed like an entirely different man.
This led Henry to become even futher disillusioned with his life and he begged his parents to let him move to the farm where he could work and begin to earn some of the benefits he'd already received from them. Instead, they convinced him to get an education to avoid a life of hard labor like they had to endure. He naievly agreed, not realizing that ultimately this would be another debt he'd feel responsible for. Sheltered as he was, the young man didn't know that the education he was being provided had cost his parents a small fortune.
It was fairly normal for Henry to only see his parents every few months, after all they lived outside the city and had to directly oversee the farm. After beginning his first year of school at the Dannamore he saw them in the fall while he was settling into the living quarters with what he'd need for classes. Once his studies began in ernest time passed quickly and several months had passed before he realized it. All his needs were met at school and he didn't have any kots to spare for a messenger to communicate with his family so he waited to hear from them, assuming they'd simply been busy over the autumn months and would reach out when they had the time. But their message never came.
Henry felt foolish trying to figure out how to reach them. He only knew a handful of people at school but eventually he met with one of the lead administrators for enrollment. The older man, Caine Billings by the placard on his desk, was quite perplexed while reviewing the documents left by his parents. It seems that nobody had heard from or seen Henry's parents since the day they left the Dannamore after helping him relocate from his uncle's estate.
  That was only the beginning of the strangeness left to discover, however.  
It turns out that there was no 'Carver Farm' at all. His parents weren't who they said they were and nobody aside from Henry could identify them. Henry visited his childhood estate but it had changed hands in the months he'd been away. The new residents didn't know his uncle, nor his family and the entire serving staff had changed, too. Every trace of his childhood was gone.
With no other option, a traumatized Henry simply went about his days. He attended class, went out of his way to make more friends, and excelled at in the fields of agriculture and botany. Whoever they'd been, the couple posing as his parents had spared no expense and paid for a decade-long education for Henry.


Henry spend his entire life being groomed for excellence, even though he has no hint as to why. He as extensive knowledge of all facets of farming and local agriculture. During his time at the Dannamore he also learned how the education branch of organization operates to try piecing together the mystery behind who he was and why his parents went missing.
Current Location
Year of Birth
4092 39 Years old
Light blue/grey
Short, black and curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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