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Eladreth Moonstalker

Eladreth was a well known fixture in the Farm Ward. He was known a a guide, tracker, trapper and ex-ranger. Some claim he was even a powerful druid trying to find his balance again. He would be gone for weeks and track back into the center town dragging some fantastic beast for a feast and celebration. He would drink and revel to all hours of the night. He worked hard and he played hard. Alway quick to help and lend a hand for his neighbors. Even quick to run off some monstrous creatures that took a wronf turn or decided to wonder too closely to civilization.      


  Eladreth Moonstalker was a massive man, over seven feet tall and built far to wide. Most whispered that he had the blood of giants coursing through his veins or that he may have been a Goliath. Typically covered in the furs he hunted and prepared at a moment for wilderness travel.  

Lone Hero

  Eladreth enrages by the gnoll attack and the slaughter of their attack, struck back. He attached with such furry and power that he defeated their shamans and routed their pack single handedly. It was said that he was covered with their blood and gore, and the gnoll bodies were scattered about him mangled and broken. It is said that in the aftermath Moonstalkers bodies was singed and bleeding as the smoke of their fowl magics still rose from him like the aftertaste of a bad brew. Bards sing of Eladreth weeping blood from his eyes for his fallen friends killed by the gnolls.  
Ya he is a hero but that's is not all. He is a killer and something worse, far worse. His hands aren't just covered in blood, he is drowned in the blood of his enemies and the innocent!
— Crazed Survivor from the gnoll Attack

Dark Secret

  Eladreth is actually a werebear that had lived among the farm ward for sometime living a simple and peaceful life. He was a feral a creature whos soul was sundered half in the spirit world and half in the mortal world. Within him the man and the beast were always at war.    

The Bloody Truth

  During his counter assaults' on the gnolls he lost his personal battle giving way to the rage, while winning his immediate fight with the gnolls. The unfortunate truth is anyone left when he fell to the bloody rage was a target, be them friend or foe. Following the gnoll battle the screams of his friend and townsfolk mixed in with the death cry of gnolls would haunt him forever. He could never again look into their eyes and walk among them. So he left in that very moment he walked away never to be seen again.
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