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Lord Ruavel Sunfall

Vice Admiral Ruavel Sunfall, Jr. (a.k.a. Rualith)

Vice Admiral Lord Ruavel is the epitome of Avalonian Flag Officer; straight backed and stiff upper lipped, the Alfar leads from the front and never ducks! His enemies respect him and his sailors and marines adore him. So "perfect" an officer is Lord Ruavel Sunfall, that his children grow up always feeling that they don't live up.

But, Ruavel wasn't always an Admiral nor was he always almost 500 years old, and there may just be a few skeletons in his closet that he would rather remained there.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ruavel (or Rualith as his mother called him) was born to the Alfar Lord Ruavel Sunfall I, and his wife Alisha, on the 12th of Hunter's Moon 4561 AC. A long standing plag officer himself, the Admiral Ruavel I expected his son would follow him into a Navy career, and groomed the boy from a young age to become what he hoped would be a successful officer. Before Ruavel was 50, his father despaired of ever making him into. even an adequate, let alone, fine, officer. Ruavel Jr. just simply didn't take things seriously. He stole from his family, cut classes to goof off and generally exerted (in all adults concerned) a bad influence on his best friend, Prince Xerxes. King Yaor Radiant, believed his son to be just as much of an instigater of Ruavel as Ruavel was of him, and sympathised with his old friend.

5 months before his birthday at 50, the Admiral caught both him and Xerxes in a bad way with a few (about 6) Nunnehi girls about their age, and he simply had enough of the shame that his son brought upon the family. Without further word, he packed his son into a tower at their estate until he could arrange a Minshipman's birth, with one of his friends. He fed the boy in his room and let him out to do his business, but otherwise said nothing. When he dropped his son with a dunnage bag at the recruiting office to meet Captian Deliana Wintermist, he hadn't spoken to him in a month. He left him there and instructed his driver to tell the boy to wait for the Captain, then left without a word.

Twenty minutes later, he turned around and went back, to tell his son to try his best, and as he entered the recruiting office he saw his son involved in a deep kiss with some sidhe girl he had obviously just met, and left in disgust. They never spoke again.

Ruavel won some distinguishment in the IW1, where through various adventures and misadventures won the rank of Marine Captain, and numerous awards. His service record was marred, originally, by his participation in the Peridotian Mutiny, and by his involvement in the Flight of Elatha, but due to a conflict with the Imperial Crown, the Voidchaser's records were expunged and instead were each awarded the Spear of Lugh.

After the War, Ruavel left the Marine Corps, by agreement with Star Command, to serve in a position where the Navy could better keep tabs on him, as a Flag Officer (Commander), Captaining a Sloop-of-War, called The Photon.

A couple hundred years later and all was pretty much forgotten by this point. Lord Sunfall (as he learned, his father was killed in the War) was promoted to Captain, and as his Mother-in-law was retiring, he was given command of the Arianrhod's Pride, a Dreadnought classed vessel and one of the Navy's Flag Ships. He was the youngest captain ever assigned to the post.

Over the next couple hundred years, Ruavel was promoted to Commodore, then Rear Admiral and by the time of the Second Interstellar War (IW2), had achieved the posting of Vice Admiral of the Telasian Fleet.

Ruavel reluctantly gave up his life near the end of the IW2, blockading the Tree of Life that is Yggdrasil's Sprout against an Orcish Fleet harbouring a Dark Star. He was unsuccessful in defeating the Orcish Fleet, but his, and the Telasian Fleet's valour, held the superior force away from the tree until all inhabitants could be evacuated, and he sold his life dearly. When his body was found on the wreck of the Arianrhod's Pride, he had killed over two dozen Balorian attackers and was only killed when a cannonball shattered one of the beams above him and the floor collapsed on him. The orcs couldn't take him in a fight.


Ruavel has been classically educated by some of the finest tutors in Glimmerfell


Ruavel was employed from the time he joined at 49 until his death at 491 by the Avalonian Imperial Navy, where he rose in rank from Midshipman to Vice Admiral.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ruavel's accoplirshments mostly center on the Voidchasers and his time as an Avalonian Imperial Marine, "Bugman". As one of the intelligence operatives that uncovered the intelligence that lead to the The Voidchaser Dispatch, he was credited with the discovery due to Alfar racism and promoted to Lieutenant. Over the course of the First Interstellar War (IW1), Ruavel was subsequently promoted, eventually to Major, and became more and more a model officer.

Failures & Embarrassments

On two major occasions, Ruavel can be said to have defied the orders of Star Command. On the first occasion, he and his shipmates, participated in the Flight of Elatha, saving a civilisations worth of refugees from certain death. This was in direct opposition to the Will of the Avalonian Imperial Navy. The second time was when he and his companions participated in the Peridotian Mutiny.

Both actions put them in direct conflict with the orders of Star Command, but both were supported by the Crown Prince, which created a conflict between the Crown and the Admiralty that threatened to tear at the very fabric of the Navy. A Navy which only holds its authority through right of regency, in that there is no Arcorael at the moment. Through no fault of his own, Selnaris Khi'Marinae, the Crown Prince sits unable to wear a lost crown, holding regency over the Avalonian Empire, while factions both for and against the Royal Family search for it.

Through diplomatic action, the records of the Voidchasers were expunged, and some members of the Voidchasers left the service, Ruavel stayed.


Selene Wintermist Sunfall

Spouse (Vital)

Towards Lord Ruavel Sunfall



Lord Ruavel Sunfall

Spouse (Vital)

Towards Selene Wintermist Sunfall




Selene and Ruavel have had a long and happy marriage, filled with love, support, and deep trust.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Selene and Ruavel served together in a "Bug-Men" Special Forces unit in the Avalonian Imperial Marine Corps during the First Interstellar War (IW1). They love starfaring, astrophysics, exploration, reading, and dancing, among many other small things.

Shared Secrets

See Voidchasers, The Commodore's Emergency War Order 001, Peridotian Mutiny.

Shared Acquaintances

Their best friends and family are among the Voidchasers. They have a mutual enemy in Lord Numilor Goldenbough.

Legal Status


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Date of Birth
12th of Hunter's Moon
Date of Death
18th Green Moon
4561 AC 5051 AC 490 years old
Circumstances of Death
Ruavel died in an attempt to save Peridot from the destruction by a Dark Star .
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
186 cm (6' 1")
80 kg (178 lb)
Owned Vehicles


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