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Hoshino Akimasa

  1. Treat the Oyabun with respect.
  2. Don't steal from the everyday man.
  3. Don't disrupt the harmony of the Family or touch the partner of a fellow member.
  4. Never involve yourself with drugs.
  5. Root out those that would target children.
  6. Always act chivalrously.
  7. Never turn a Yakuza over to the authorities.
— The Seven Laws of the Eiennohana Yakuza
    Hoshino Akimasa is the current head of the Hoshino-gumi, one of the oldest and most prestigious Yakuza clans on Eiennohana. He is known for his exemplary leadership, strong moral center, and dedication to the ideals of the Yakuza. However, he hides a secret that could shake to its core the Hoshino-gumi and the entire Yakuza world.  

The Bright Prince

A new sun has risen on the Hoshino-gumi and long will be its day!
— Headline in the Hōkoku newsletter
The Hoshino were one of the oldest Yakuza clans on Eiennohana, unofficial nobles in their culture, and they wielded immense power. Akimasa's position and wealth demanded that he become one of the most capable administrators on the planet, artistically sophisticated, and un-questionably masculine. To the delight of many, he not only met but exceeded these expectations. His management of The Hoshino Corporation disaster relief saved thousands of lives. He is renowned both for his mastery of the koto as well for his monumental patronage of the arts. Finally, for many years he was the champion Yokozuna of Eiennohanan Sumo.   When Akimasa's father died and he inherited the position of Oyabun of the Hoshino-gumi, both the Yakuza and the government began to encroach on Hoshino territory. Attempts were made to muscle out Hoshino-affiliated businesses and police carried out raids with little legal justification. Those wanting to test the new Oyabun quickly learned that the young pup had the teeth to back up his bark. The police came to respect the might of Hoshino's lawyer corps, while enemy Yakuza found it impossible to keep teams in Hoshino territory and out of the hospital at the same time. Akimasa became nationally respected for his strength and righteousness.  

Separatism and Betrayal

Tensions have always been high between the Yakuza and the Kazoku. Known as the Courts of Night and Day, both sides fight for the loyalty of the common citizens and the favor of the King of Eiennohana. But every once in a while, individual Yakuza or Kazoku believe that they should rule the planet. While most rebellions are small and relatively personal affairs, a few pose legitimate threats.   The most recent rebellion was led by Mochizuki Takehiko of the Mochizuki-gumi Yakuza clan. Takehiko gathered together a coalition of smaller Yakuza and Kazoku clans, and even recruited influential officers from the mostly ceremonial but powerful Eiennohanan military. Realizing the threat the coalition posed to the nation, Akimasa reached out to the Royal Court. He informed them of the location and time of the coalition's next face-to-face meeting, going so far as to provide special codes that would get royal forces past the Mochizuki-gumi security systems. Under the cover of a hurricane, the Eiennohanan military's elite Ninja Company attacked the meeting and slaughtered every single attendee. The secret of who betrayed the coalition is known only to few individuals and each is committed to taking the knowledge with them to the grave.   Despite believing in the necessity of the betrayal, Akimasa is deeply conflicted by his violation of the Yakuza honor code. He has placed Takehiko's widow and children under his protection, vigorously defending their rights in both the legal and criminal worlds. He has grown to especially love Takehiko's oldest daughter Atsuko, whom he hopes will one day marry his son Fumihito. Though he shows no sign of it, Akimasa lives in fear that one day his secret may be revealed, triggering the war he worked so hard to prevent.
Current Location
Light brown
Silky black with white sideburns
83 kilograms
Name Kanji: 昭公


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