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Man of the Mask

The Man of the Mask is a vigilante who roams from town to town dispensing his unique brand of justice upon mortal criminals and, occasionally, demigods. Little is known about him other than the fact he wears a wooden mask carved in the same style as the golden masks worn by the demigods. He claims to be a descendent from the demigods themselves, though which demigod he was born from he does not say and may not know.   His ancestry is apparently true for he wields a Levitation Gauntlet over his right hand. Levitation Gauntlets are a basic tool used by the gods to move heavy objects, but in the hands of a mortal it is a potent weapon that can grab, lift, and throw people and objects with one’s mind. This combined with his physicality makes him an incredibly potent mortal who is capable of overwhelming groups of other mortals as well as, with the advantage of surprise, overcoming the power of demigods as well.   While he mainly combats injustice in the form of mortal crimes his most famous exploit was the assassination of an especially depraved demigod who ruled over a small town in the far corner of the human continent. The demigod was named Breaker of Spines for his harsh use of a whip and his constant demands to make his mortal followers build monuments to his glory.   One night while punishing a few mortals who dared to collapse from the workload the Man of the Mask, wearing a brown cloak and hood, maneuvered from the onlooking crowd and waited for his chance. As the demigod sat down his god-weapon the masked man used his Levitation Gauntlet to toss it far aside, then leaped at the demigod with a drawn blade. Even disarmed the demigod was a difficult opponent being both larger and much stronger, but through surprise and use of the Levitation Gauntlet the masked man was victorious.   This was the first recorded time a demigod had been slain by a mortal, albeit one who had the touch of divinity in their blood.

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