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Galar Diwig (gal-ar die-weg)

Galar Diwig has arrived at some moderate fame locally. He helps to train the guards for both town and nobles, demonstrating a wide knowledge of fighting methods and tactical knowledge. He has a good eye for the surrounding area, and can quickly spot potential ambush spots as well as good places to camp, and good places to fortify in case of need.   He is a strong middle-aged man with lean but powerful limbs and an assortment of scars from what appear to be fights with blades. The guards and the townsfolk respect him and value his presence among them.   In his not too distant past, perhaps some seven or eight years earlier, he arrived in town, riding a nondescript horse with bedroll and possessions strapped across the back of his saddle.  Following him was another horse, more grand, with an unconscious man tied belly down across the saddle. His hands were tied and he was also lashed wrists to ankles under the belly of the animal. The prisoner was discovered to be a well-known highwayman in the area.    While Galar downplayed his role in bringing the man to the authorities, to the locals it was an heroic deed. It had been a number of years since they felt safe traveling in the region without a large number of able-bodied protectors. It had been bad for business.    He easily found welcome, and work and a place to stay. His nature was quiet, he was mild-mannered for the most part, except when training the guards - then he could pin a man's ears back with but a few choice comments. He mostly kept to himself, content with a breakfast and evening meal in the tavern near his home, and a bit of evening gossip, but never long and he never drank to excess.   Those with observant eyes noticed from time to time that he appeared haunted, his eyes distressed. It soon passed, and no one knew him well enough to ask about it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In good physical condition, no obvious signs of illness or injury

Facial Features

His face is narrow, with thin lips. His ears are somewhat larger than the norm, and his eyes are a moderate green, with dark lashes framing them. He wears a dark beard, kept cut short.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears whatever is appropriate for the task he is engaged it. One quirk has been noticed. He is rarely without some sort of brimmed hat, or if in armor, his helmet has a visor.



He speaks little, his voice is a raspy bass. His language is cultured.
Approximately mid 40s
Moderate green, with long lashes
Black, kept cut short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, with some age spots showing here and there
160 lbs
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