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Oury, the Green Knight

The Green Knight is one of the most popular figures in the pantheon of peasant myths and legends. Although there's no shortage of people claiming to have seen him, none can agree on what he looks like, sounds like, his general disposition, or even his gender (though most say he's a man, so I use the male pronoun for this article). Though most of this is certainly fantasy, I will limit my reportings to the words of those who at least claim to have seen him in person.

Could He Exist?

Though sightings have been reported as far north as Raven's Hill and as far south as Dromdorry, a majority of the sightings are clustered around the fairy forest, in western Qemt'Or. There are innumerable varying stories about the Green Knight - he's a demon from hell, sent by the Traitor to bring the wicked to serve him in the brimstone depths (why would the traitor want to take the wicked from the mortal plane early? He loves discord) - he's an Orc (hence the "Green" Knight) who has been cursed with immortality; he can only die if killed in combat, so he scours the land for a worthy opponent, killing all in his way - etc., all equally absurd.   But there are a few sightings from generally reputable people in recent times - travelers and merchants, sober and unlikely to invent stories - who claim to have spoken to the Green Knight. Could they have banded together together to invent a story? Perhaps. But what makes the educated mind ponder this is that very few of the witnesses seem to have known each other. Depictions of the Green Knight similar to theirs have existed for hundred of years, but... well it'd be a coincidence if the only trustworthy witnesses all had the same story. Something to ponder anyway... so here it is.   They claim the Green Knight is a man with an odd Lustrian accent with aged, yet well maintained, iron armor (unlike the steel that is common today) that has grown over with living vegetation. They claim he wielded a longsword but was friendly and introduced himself as Oury and he told them a bit about himself. He said he was on a quest and he couldn't rest until it was completed. Not much to go on but interesting, eh? So what do you think, could the Green Knight really exist? Or is it just the overactive imaginations of some peasants and a hoax put on by a few travelers?


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