Roseriya the youngest every Keeper of the Staff, (The Crystal Staff is both a potent magical artifact and the mark of office of the Lord Herald.   Roseriya is a human Divine Blood, making her one the most powerful beings in the city. As one of the living embodiments of the gods. Not that anyone knows that, anyone who knows she not human considers her a Half Elf at most. She like the rest of the Divine Blood of Bavan tend to keep their Divine hereditary to themselves, but due to her position people do know what she is, and its a combination of her blood and learning that gain her the knowledge, politic influence and skilsl with her mage, that allowed her to take the position of Lord Herald.   She is the law when it comes to decisions made for or about the Heralds as a group, she decides on what they do and how they are going to operate. Only the Senate or the High Mages of the Tower could overrule her, but due to her politic standing and her general outlook she could ignore a lot of minor requests / orders from them and get away with it.   She believes in the Truth, the Right and her point of view is very black and white, you either with her or you a threat to the city. Never pick a fight with her you WILL lose, unless you got a small army backing you up and either then it's probably not a good idea.   Obviously her parents were Human from the Silverstone district to the north of Bavo'sand, No one sure how Divine Bloods are 100% created if they are the children of gods or if its just a blessing of the divine onto a child. From a young age Roseriya was clearly special her eyes changed as a child from more natural brown, to a midnight blue with a starfield that you can loose yourself in if she looks at you long enough. She was clearly borned of the Divine, and for those few that know she is a Child of Orestina, and while she doesn't hide the fact she also doesn't publicize it.
long sleak White Blond Hair
110 lbs

Character Portrait image: by Gerry Arthur


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