Lord Herald

Lord Herald the head of the Crystal Heralds and only answerable to the Tower. Their run the heralds however the feel is needed as long as they do their duty as bodyguards, tax collectors and Spies. In theory all info that passes though the Heralds will come to the Lord Herald, so they should be one of the most in the know people within the city.


To become Lord Herald, you must have proven your worth and loyalty to the city and the heralds themselves. While some heralds have some ability with magic, the Lord Herald isn't required to be a Mage of any standing or ability. They must have shown strong leadership and organisational skills. There are no restrictions on Species or upbringing but as with all Heralds you need to be a citizen of the city, but as Lord Heralds are chosen from the ranks of the Heralds then this is default applied to the leadership roles within the organisation.


The Leaders of the Crystal Mages within the Senate put names to the senate as options for the position, who are then called to answer questions to the senate, which then vote on the candidates for the role.


Keep the Heralds smoothly running, decide on knowledge collection missions that are sensitivity (ie that could implicate high ranking members of guild, noble or tower), to sort and filter information sent to the tower and senate. To raise in rank Heralds to more senior roles. They have autonomy in running and recruitment of Heralds, but have a fix funding by the senate so the money as to be found from somewhere.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Crystal Staff, a black rod with a blue crystal that crackles with blue energy.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A majority vote in the Senate can remove a Lord Herald but that as happen only once in the life time of the heralds and senate.
Alternative Naming
Keeper of the Staff
Source of Authority
Crystal Tower
Length of Term
For Life
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