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Conway Sterling Russell

Conway Sterling Russell is a tailor in the land of Grundynge.   An independent tailor with a reputation of cleverness, fine craftsmanship, but a little bit of boastful. Being such a fine Taylor he make sure that he crafts clothing for himself that appear higher than the station he has in life.   Dissatisfied with his life in the country and the mountains, he goes to the capital of the country of Grundynge and begins to work as a tailor in an existing shop. His skill allowed him to go up the ranks rather quickly. Usually an apprentice would not be allowed into a shop of a master at the age Conway was, but his smooth tongue and demonstrable talent convinced the master tailor.   While smaller of stature, and with shocking red hair, he is still very strong and quick on his feet. He has done well to hide his Highland brogue (Scottish accent) and has adapted well to speaking as anyone else would in the capital. He is unable to hide his stature or his hair so he is often treated as an outsider. He compensates for his stature and his appearance by wearing outlandish clothes he makes himself.   He has a very high charisma and intelligence. He can talk himself out of anything. With an ability to mimic voices he can blend into different situations fairly easily. He could have been an actor on the stage with his charisma.   AUTHORS NOTE: Conway will have the similar notes of the brave little tailor. This would include the plot points of the jam, the exaggeration, defeating the Giants, catching the unicorn, and eventually becoming the king, etc. however there will be some major differences as there are no Giants and he will not become the king. The "kingdom" he will become "king" is a merchant guild. The Giants could refer to the henchmen of a rival merchant.   The Queen in the story is not a very faithful wife as she conspires with her father the king to have her new husband dispatched and taken away. This treachery could be put into the story as well.   What is the secret that Conway is hiding? It would seem too easy to have what he is hiding is his heritage. With how I described him, everyone would know where he is from. The secret would need to be why he left. It would need to be something drastic enough that he would lose his position if it was discovered.  


The POV Character for Short Story: The Valiant Little Tailor {TBD}


Conway Sterling Russell


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