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Prompt 25: Dannell Wright

A proud hero who saved others from an exploding factory. Risking his life to save everyone he can he helped guide people out of the building. Once he succeed in getting as many people out he ran back in to shut down the furnace and prevent it from exploding and destroying the entire factory along with the city block.   We celebrate his heroic actions and honor him for being better than most. - A man giving Wright a reward
    Dannell Wright is a hero who proved himself during a factory explosion. When an explosion went off in the factory he went in to save those who were in danger. Showing off his bravery and strength to save his fellow workers. Many have propped him up as a hero because of this even as he tries his best to downplay it.   The reason for this is that he would prefer that no one digs to deep into his past as a migrant from the western lands. Having smuggled himself into the city with a distinct purpose of hiding from those he wronged in the western lands. In a city of technology and industry he hoped to hide the fact that he had taken part in forbidden and corrupted magic.   Once a member of the cult of the fallen, he was freed from this purpose when he saw how monstrous others of the cult became. Making a run for it after stealing the relic the cult was worshiping in hopes of either destroying it or at least keeping it out of their hands. His plan ended up with him throwing the relic into a forge hoping the heat of the forge would melt it down and get rid of the relics corrupting influence.

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