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Remora Cragford

General Ryel'nae Dovrak (a.k.a. Remora Cragford)

NPC: Remora is the current owner and disguised bartender of the Faring Well tavern in Matuen She is one of the physically strongest people in the The Republic of Free Trade but also one of the loneliest, which is why she appreciates the frequent interactions with the drinking common folk.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born a woodelf of the Wildwood Realm in a southern village near the Forest of Eternal Night , Ryel'nae quickly learned to wield blades and to listen to the nature around her. Showcasing her talent at the local tournaments, she was approached to join the special forces. After spending some time in the capital training, she started being sent out to the front. Proving her prowess in battle allowed her to rise through the ranks very quickly. After a while at the front, she returned to her hometown, only to find her parents missing, and the village mostly overtaken by the forces of night. Swearing revenge, she plunged into the Forest of Night alone, killing the local lord, but not before being bitten and turning into a Dhampire. She recieved a nasty scar across her face that day, which she wears with pride. While it was not her main objective, she had saved her village in the process. Returning to the front, she was described as more violent and prone to anger, offering no mercy and with intense battle focus. These new traits allowed her to gain the rank of General after many years of service, her strategic brutality and countless wins making her a Wildwood Hero. But the successes and ruthless traits also isolated her from the people around her. That is, until a very reckless bard by the name of Cira'lar made it his goal to make her smile. Slowly wearing down her defences, the two of them became good friends and fast lovers. But when the Barren Lands orcs managed to unite the torn lands under one banner, she had to bring the bad news to the king: They were loosing the War of the North. Their capital was going to be overrun. Cira'lar, who loved his people very much, decided to offer himself to his chosen deity Averidan - Lady Luck in exchange for a miracle. High risk, which Averidan much appreciated, allowed high return. Ryel'nae very begrudgingly lead the charge that allowed him to come to the very front of the fighting. After the events of the Great Divide Ryel'nae was heartbroken, guilty and furious. Abandonning her post after a fight with the king, she returned to the now more stable Republic of Free Trade, where she took on a new identity. Remora Cragford, the intense halfelven bartender of the best pub in town.

Personality Characteristics


Just some fucking peace and quiet would be nice.
Woodelf turned Dhampire
True Neutral
Pale grey-green
Black. shoulder-length, gelled back.
6ft or 1.82m
Known Languages
Sylvan, Elvish, Common with accent, some Orcish.


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