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Frenstil Treemore

Frenstil Treemore is known by the Bit Durani locals as the harbinger of constructs. He is a 35-year-old satyr with black fur and dark brown skin, he is a retired war veteran from the local military and is now part ofThe Guardians of Progress.
During his time as a military member, Frenstil was considered average. He is good at hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship, good stamina, low magical ability, but his stand-out trait is his intelligence. He spent his free time studying constructs and engine animation and had a workshop full of machines and tools he was teaching himself with.
His rise to fame was during the Siege of the Inferno. One afternoon in the fall of 4215 a large rumbling accrued in the western part of Bit Durani. the ground began caving in and from under the ground emerged a Gargantuan construct. It began emitting fire and turning the western district into an inferno. The Guardians of Progress were dispatched to deal with the threat however the constructs inner working were not normal and man of the soldiers died even with specializing armor.
Upon seeing the construct Frenstil rushed to the scene to help, burning people and children were everywhere, screams of terror from people in burning houses, chaos in the street as people fled to the central district. Frenstil knew he needed to get to the heart of the machine and try to stop it when he got to what he believed was the heart he was met by Guardians of Progress who stopped him and asked what he was doing there. Frenstil explained he was part of the general military and that he was there to help and knew about constructs. Not having any other viable options the guardians let him in and Frentil set to work.
When Frenstil entered the belly of the machine he saw a large core of energy surrounded but a think liquid-like substance that protected it. looking around the core room he saw a screen with writing on it that said "internal coding error". Below the screen was a board of buttons with letters from the Asmatum alphabet and three extra buttons that said execute, remove, and space. He pressed one of the buttons and noticed that it put the letter on the screen finding that you could spell words. 
After some time of tinkering with the screen and board, he typed stop and then pressed execute. The machine slowed down and stopped its rampage on the people of the city. This act of heroism and intelligence solidified Frenstil as one of the most recognized heroes of Bit Durani.
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