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Braxton Fuller

Braxton Fuller (a.k.a. The Battering Ram)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The earliest official record of Braxton Fuller documents part of his time with the Conradinian military during the failed Green River Expansion. It is not publicly known what his part in the campaign was, and he is very hesitant to talk about it with any but his most trusted confidants. Following this, he was posted as the guard captain of Azure.   Braxton was present in Azure for the demon incursion that nearly destroyed the city, being an instrumental combatant in the defense of the city despite the loss of an arm. In the aftermath, though he was seen as a hero by many of the frontline fighter, a portion of the blame for the incident, mostly for not detecting the plot to summon a demon army or being able to stop it beforehand, causing the city leadership to remove him from his station and remove him from his service to the kingdom.   Braxton has taken to traveling with Thevenin, a halfling who worked with him in the city guard.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Braxton as the tendency to go through doors, as opposed to opening them. During his time as the guard captain of the city of Azure, this necessitated his second in command, Lt. Pierce, to have a local carpenter available at all times.


Family Ties

Braxton has no know living family, nor is much know of where he came from before entering the service of the Conradinian Military.    More recently, Braxton has taken to treating his traveling companion, Thevenin, as a sort of surrogate younger brother, despite the halfling artificer being nearly twice his age.

Religious Views

Braxton adheres to the most general of the doctrines of the celestial faith, though even he would admit that he is far from the most devout believer. He will often go against celestial teaching in situations where he thinks his course of action is the correct one.

Social Aptitude

The majority of the time, Braxton is seen as loud, and brutish, often taking command of any conversation he is involved in through volume alone. However, should the occasion demand it, he is able to comport himself in a highly professional manner, the prime example being the celebration of his promotion to guard captian of Azure, where he had the baronet of Azure strongly considering the 'gentle giant' as a potential suitor... until he destroyed (violently removed from the hinges) the halls main doors while rushing to assist in a building fire four streets away.
Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Guard Captain of Azure (former)   The Battering Ram   Green River Veteran
Current Residence

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